Stewardship Ministries


Better Way Giving Series

by Jay Link

6 Lessons.

Just as in every area of the Christian life, the New Covenant provides us with a Better Way to live and a Better Way to give. The entire theme of the book of Hebrews is about this Better Way – a better hope (7:19), a better covenant (7:22), a better promise (8:6), a better sacrifice (9:3), a better country (11:16), a better possession (10:34) and a better resurrection (11:35). The book’s whole message is that “God has provided something better for us” (11:40) – a Better Way! And this includes a Better Way to give.

Given the current statistics on giving, we know that teaching Christian tithing is not working in most churches today. Our objective is to open your mind and your heart to what the New Testament teaches us about how we are to give – a truly comprehensive theology of giving that, like everything else in the New Testament, is both liberating, grace filled and life-transforming – a Better Way to give!

Each one of these lessons is packed with New Testament scripture that either instructs us or illustrates for us a specific giving characteristic that we can personally apply as believers living on this side of the cross.
This Better Way Giving Series is so radical and so rock solid that how you think about and how you do your giving going forward will be changed forever. And maybe, if you choose to let it, this study might even change your entire life!

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