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Give, Save & Spend - Collegiate Curriculum, Instructor's Edition

by Compass - finance's God's way

This accredited collegiate course teaches college students God’s perspective on managing money and possessions.

It can be taught in a variety of settings, can be a 1-3 credit course and is designed for flexibility to meet the unique needs of each college or university and includes the following:

Instructor’s Guide
Instructor Class Overview Worksheet
Sample Final Exam
Sample Syllabus
Contrast Society & Scripture Worksheet
Additional Financial Scripture References
14 In-Class PowerPoint Presentations which include:
-Weekly Ice Breaker/ Discussion Questions
-13 linked Video Testimonies:
-65 Embedded or linked Animations
-Weekly Links to Current Financial Events & News
-Weekly Review of Memory Verses
-Weekly discussion of Small Group Homework
-Weekly Contrast of Society & Scripture

Can be co-branded by the college or university.
Can be conducted in classroom setting or online.
Can be taught as a credited course (1-3 credit hours) or as a pass/ fail. The course is designed for flexibility.

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