Stewardship Ministries


High School Study on Life Stewardship

by Jay Link

6 Lessons.

We live in a culture (both in the world and often even in the church) that denies or ignores the truth that God owns everything and we are merely the managers of His resources and we are to use and deploy all these resources according to His wishes. Teens are continually exposed and absolutely inundated with materialistic and self-gratifying enticements and temptations at every turn.

Our high school life stewardship study seeks to address these issues head on and introduce teens to a new way of thinking and a new way of living that will radically change how they see the world around them and how they choose to live before they are totally overcome by worldly and materialistic influences.

To address these issues head on, we have developed an age appropriate, six-lesson life stewardship module for High School students. Each module is video based with its own question and answer guide. What makes these studies so effective is the thought provoking questions that follow each video lesson – giving these teens time to unpack what it means to be a good and faithful steward and what has to change in their lives to start living like one.

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