Addicted to Busy (Discussion Guide Only)

Meeting One: Profile of an Addict

Chapter 1: Dead Husband Walking

1. When did you last experience “rhythmic living,” the sense that your inner world felt sane and calm?

2. What is an example of a “warning shot” you’ve received from a family member or a friend that alerted you to the fact that your schedule was too crammed, your priorities were slipping, and you were losing touch with the person you said you wanted to be? Perhaps a loved one sat you down and through tears said you were never around? Or maybe you woke up one morning and realized you hadn’t seen your kid for three days straight? Or could it be you were suffering wild insomnia, unable to quiet your monkey brain? Or something else? Take a moment to recollect the experience, and then share your thoughts with your group.

3. What effect did that warning-shot experience have on you, and on the pace at which you were living your life?

4. When you have experienced the kind of frenetic activity that always leads to depletion, what typically has been the cause? For some, it’s the need to be needed. What has it been for you?

Chapter 2: Restless Bodies, Restless Minds

1. In what way do you relate to the “and then” syndrome talked about at the beginning of this chapter—when you try to focus on one task, only to be distracted by everything but that task?

2. What practices help you to combat “and then” tendencies in your life?

3. What is the connection for you between restlessness in your physical being (your body, your mind) and restlessness in your spiritual being (your heart, your soul)?

4. What would the opposite of “restless” look like in your life? What habits or priorities would need to shift in order for you to manifest such tendencies or traits?

Chapter 3: Distraction Versus Devotion

1. True confession time: How addicted are you to your phone or to other gadgets? Is there anyone in your life who wishes you would simply ditch all devices from time to time?

2. What does it look like in your life for you to “linger” in the presence of God? Is this an enjoyable experience or a frustrating one? Explain your thoughts to the group.

3. Who is the most peaceful person you know, and what is it about his or her countenance, energy, rhythms, and so forth do you most wish were truer for you?

Pause and Pray

Before dismissing your meeting, pray through the themes that arose during your discussion, including the following points, as you wish:

Ask God for eyes to see the effects your pace of life is yielding.

Ask him for ears to hear the warnings—from friends? from family members? from the Holy Spirit?—that in the end could save your life.

Ask him for open hands to receive the gifts that restless living never can give.


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Addicted to Busy (Discussion Guide Only)

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