Christmas Quiz

Quiz Questions

Q1: Joseph and Mary were both descended from King David.

  • Q2: Joseph thought Mary’s child was illegitimate and he planned to divorce her.

  • Q3: Joseph and Mary, who was great with child, were forced to travel from their home in Jerusalem to Bethlehem to register for the census being taken by the Roman government.

  • Q4: Mary’s mode of transportation to Bethlehem was on the back of a donkey.

  • Q5: A heavenly host of angels sang the glorious announcement of the Savior’s birth to the shepherds.

  • Q6: A special star led the shepherds to the stable where Jesus was born.

  • Q7: The shepherds went away and told everyone they met what had happened to them.

  • Q8: Joseph and Mary took the baby Jesus to Jerusalem right under the nose of King Herod, unaware that he posed a threat to the baby’s life.

  • Q9: Through divine revelation, an old man named Simeon and an old woman prophetess named Anna both instantly recognized the baby Jesus as Israel’s Messiah.

  • Q10: The term Magi actually means “Kings.”

  • Q11: Three Magi from the East came to worship the new King of the Jews.

  • Q12: These Magi traveled from the East on camels.

  • Q13: The names of these three Magi were Caspar, Melchior, and Belthazar.

  • Q14: The Magi followed the star for about five miles.

  • Q15: The star led the Magi to the stable where Jesus was born.

  • Q16: The famed frankincense and myrrh that were presented to Jesus by the Magi were actually resins obtained from certain trees.

  • Q17: Joseph and Mary asked the Magi not to return to Jerusalem to report to Herod what they found.

  • Q18: Herod slaughtered all the male children in Bethlehem two years of age and younger.

  • Q19: Jesus lived his entire life within the geographical area of what is known as the Holy Land.

  • Q20: An angel told Joseph and Mary to take Jesus and go live in Nazareth.

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    Christmas Quiz

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