Retirement Workshop

What is Retirement?

The Bible does not mention retirement except for the priesthood.

A season to pour God's love and into your family and extended family and friends.

1. Pre-Retirement: The last few months of fulltime work.

2. The Honeymoon: Enjoying the first few months of time.

3. Disenchantment: Feeling of identity and status.

4. Re-Orientation: New adventures and "re-retirement“.

5. Stability: Managing your and .

1. Lived on a budget and minimized .

2. Downsized to living costs.

3. Obtained plans with wills and trusts.

4. investments within their risk temperaments.


1. Failed to with a long-term plan.

2. Spent much too early in retirement or without a budget.

3. Overspent on things without first.

4. Retired too soon and began taking social security payments too early.


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Retirement Workshop

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