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There is likely no topic in the church where there is greater biblical ignorance and more misunderstanding than on the topic of tithing. Very few (including pastors and Bible scholars) have taken the time to dig deeply into this topic and sort out the biblical facts from fiction.

We have prepared a quick 25 question True/False quiz to see just how much you actually know about what the Bible teaches on tithing. The quiz should be both fun and very enlightening. With each question, you can check your answers to see just how well you did.

Q1: Jesus never tithed.

  • Q2: The Apostle Paul tithed regularly and taught us to do the same in his NT writings.

  • Q3: In the Old Testament, the “first-fruits” offering and the tithe to the Levites were the same thing.

  • Q4: A 10% tithe was paid to the Levites by the other eleven tribes since the tribe of Levi got no land inheritance.

  • Q5: In the Old Testament people were required to tithe (10%) first and then any giving over that amount was considered a free will offering.

  • Q6: Tithing was only required of those who made their living from the Holy Land (herds and crops).

  • Q7: Jews who lived outside the Land of Israel were required to tithe on their crops and herds.

  • Q8: There were three required tithes making up an annual average of 23.33%.

  • Q9: Abram regularly tithed to Melchizedek from his weekly income and this serves as our contemporary model for New Testament giving.

  • Q10: The tithe that was brought to the storehouse in Jerusalem came from the Levites, not the people of Israel. It was a tithe of the tithe they received (1%).

  • Q11: The New Testament commands us to tithe 10% to the church.

  • Q12: The Old Testament tithe was based on a person’s increase in assets, not his annual income.

  • Q13: In the Old Testament, the tithe was not a fixed percentage.

  • Q14: The tithe was never money, but was food so that the priests and Levites would have something to eat.

  • Q15: The priests and Levites who received the tithes could not personally own any land themselves.

  • Q16: Even though not specifically taught in the New Testament, the Old Testament law on tithing carries over and applies to us today.

  • Q17: You are living under a curse if you do not tithe.

  • Q18: The Bible teaches that the tithe is to be from your gross income and not your net income.

  • Q19: When Jesus told the Pharisees that they should be tithing, He endorsed tithing for Christians today.

  • Q20: 10% is the place where the Bible teaches us to start our giving.

  • Q21: The New Testament says the first 10% of your giving is required to go to your church-after that you are free to make additional free-will offerings wherever you wish.

  • Q22: The church is the modern day equivalent of the Old Testament temple storehouse.

  • Q23: If you give 10% or more of your gross income, God promises to do supernatural, even miraculous financial things in your life.

  • Q24: The tithe has been considered the standard for giving throughout all of Church history.

  • Q25: Tithing was the “property tax system” used in Israel to underwrite its national administration, festivals, and welfare services. True

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    Tithes and Offerings Quiz

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